One to One Development Trust

One to One Development Trust is a arts/media charity who create exciting and innovative digital media, film and art based projects with communities, groups and organisations. Established in 1988 the organisation has a strong track record of meaningful and creative engagement with our clients and participants  specialising within the fields of arts and health, heritage, research and digital fiction. We work uniquely across many digital platforms including documentary film making, games design and apps, print and online design, 3D and virtual reality storytelling.




Long Division

Long Division is Wakefield’s largest annual music and culture festival. It was created in 2011 and has taken place in 25 different venues across the city centre since then. It has brought large internationally touring artists such as British Sea Power, The Fall, Ash, Field Music, Ghostpoet and The Cribs (their only public hometown show on over ten years) to Wakefield and programmed them alongside emerging local talent. It has also used funding to develop Fringe events, including Live Album Recordings, workshops and industry Q&As and has also run Outreach events across the district.

Edgelands Arts

EDGELANDS ARTS CREATES CULTURALLY CONNECTED COMMUNITIES by sharing stories from the edges of communities, cities and countryside.

We collaborate commission, create and co-produce excellent and accessible arts projects which:

Bring artists and communities together

(Re)connect people with each other and the world around them.

Explore stories of space, place, identity and belonging.

Improve the social, cultural and community well-being of people of all ages and abilities.

Axis Web

Axisweb is a UK registered charity, its purpose is to advance the education of the public by developing understanding and appreciation of artists. We work with our members and partners to promote artists, champion their talents and create new opportunities.

Axisweb hosts the Axis Directory, the largest selected showcase of contemporary artists in the UK.  Featuring over 3,000 artists and over 250,000 artwork examples covering a range of art disciplines.


Wakefield Arts Partnership Launch Event

On the 4th May 2016 we held an event to launch the Wakefield Arts Partnership. We wanted to share information about who we are and what we aim to achieve and invited feedback from participants about what WAP’s priorities should be over the next 12 months.

Over 50 people attended including representatives from the arts and cultural sector in Wakefield, local business owners and representatives from local community groups.

Guest speakers included Bev Ayre and Jack Welsh from COoL (Creative Organisations of Liverpool) and Anna Wiseman from Cultural Destinations Calderdale.

Group discussions resulted in some common themes that WAP members will explore further to develop a set of key priorities to focus on in the next year:

  • Data – data gathering and collation around the Wakefield arts and cultural offer / current engagement / social and economic impact of activity
  • Communications – collective communication about the Wakefield arts and cultural offer that is open to individual artists and larger organisations
  • Strategy – a new cultural strategy for Wakefield
  • Talent – support and develop local talent
  • Collaboration – increased collaboration between the arts and cultural sector and other sectors such as health and wellbeing and local businesses
  • Resources – sharing knowledge and resources / increased funding for collaborative events and activities
Film by Axisweb